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Finn stared at the laptop, waiting for the right words to come to mind.
None did. On the screen, the little line blinked on and off, waiting for letters to be entered. It’d been staying there for at least an hour, on and off, on and off, not moving forward but still sticking around just in case. It watched as Finn emptied out an entire pack of cigarettes, chain smoking so much that the room was covered in a stinking smokescreen. Finn rested his fingers on the keyboard and tapped trice.
‘The’, he entered, and the little line leapt forward in joy, jumping three whole letters. At the end of the word it stopped again, waiting with almost tangible anticipation. Disappointment greeted it. Finn grunted, then slammed his ring finger back down on backspace, flipping the laptop closed.
Five months. That’s how long he’d gone without writing more than a proper paragraph. Five whole months of no writing. Five months of no writing, which in turn meant no payche
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Cattle, that’s what we are.
I sit at the back of the circular cell, bunched up with my knees drawn to my chin. High above me, cold, stinging air wafts in through the grate that holds us in. This cell isn’t a prison. It’s a well. A well of profit.
I’m not alone. Many of my people mill about restlessly, hoping futilely for a way out. The clothes that cover their dark skin are torn, dirty and thin. But our captors know better than to simply let us perish, even though there are more where we came from. We are far too valuable, and they are far too efficient in what they do. Instead we wait, and tell stories, and imagine what our families must be doing now.
Some of the men in my tribe are here, though not all. They must have been out hunting when they were ambushed. The white creatures who take us away like to do so while we hunt and gather, to avoid upsetting the rest of our people. Men are usually taken, although women are not immune as well. They are loaded into giant
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The car’s been with me a long time. I’ve had it since I got my drivers licence when I was eighteen, and eighteen’s been gone for ten years now. That’s a long time, if you stop to think about it. At least a third of my life, actually. This car’s been here for me for a third of my life.
But I can’t be here for this car any longer. Not anymore. Not after what happened.
We’re parked outside a convenience store, with only the dim lights lined along the road and peeking out the store’s windows for company. Across the road sits a secondhand car lot. A small fleet of unwanted, abandoned cars watch us. All as lonely as me. All as lonely as my car will be.
I’m only imagining, of course. My car doesn’t have actual feelings. It doesn’t wink at people with its headlights, or switch the music when you’ve got a pretty girl in the second seat. Would have helped a bunch, but no, I’m just personalizing. Trying to pretend my car can underst
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Wikipedia motivational poster by Fatalcrash Wikipedia motivational poster :iconfatalcrash:Fatalcrash 163 23
“Fair weather all the way up till Tuesday, followed by thunderstorms coming in from the east on Monday,” said Desmond Phillips, motioning to the green screen behind him. He smiled at the camera. “If you’re planning a picnic at the new city park, you might want to know that Wednesday marks the start of this year’s rainy season. Expect showers and storms all through the next few months as the warmer air in the east drive clouds down the peninsula toward us.”
A voice buzzed in his ear, courtesy of the earpiece surreptitiously hidden there. Diana, the newscaster for tonight, taking over from him. The cameras panned on her, watched her speak. “Thank you, Kyle. I’m sure picnic-goers all over the island will appreciate the heads-up.” She watched the camera intently, waiting for his closing statement.
Desmond continued grinning at the camera, already itching to get off the set. “No problem, Di,” he said. “Nice to know I’
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Shifter's Dawn: Chapter 4
Chapter 4: Gifts And Curses
Kyle’s hand quickly moved to the hilt of his weapon, but before his fingers had even touched the steel grip, he felt Kiara’s hand hold his arm back.
“Sean! You little runt, how’ve you been?” said the man in the doorway. He hugged Sean tightly for a few moments before ruffling the boy’s hair. “How’s my favourite nephew?”
Sean broke loose from his uncle’s grip. “What are you talking about? I’m your only nephew.”
“Never mind that, then. Where’s your father?”
The boy looked slightly guilty. “That’s the thing. Can we come inside?”
His uncle looked at the two people standing rather uncomfortably nearby. “Sure, come in.” he said, moving back from the doorway to admit them. Kyle crossed the threshold into a room filled with all manner of books. It looked more like an extremely small library rather than someone’s home. Sean’s uncle busied himself clearin
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Shifter's Dawn: Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Scars Don’t Fade
The sun was just starting to set as Kyle and his companion reached the town. The brick walls of the buildings around them were awash with the fiery orange glow, and the paved streets of the settlement were beginning to clear as townspeople entered the buildings to escape the coming darkness, as well as the cold. More than one person stared at Kyle as he walked past, and some actually turned around and walked in the opposite direction. Kyle wondered why people were avoiding him, until he caught a reflection of himself in the display panel of a bookshop.
“Looks like you weren’t lying about this sentinel stuff.” muttered Kyle to Kiara. They were walking down a gently curving street that led further into the town where the markets, as well as inns were housed. Shops on either side of them were making the last sales of the day, trying to make as much money out of the homebound crowd as was possible. Occasionally a horse and its cart would pass
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Shifter's Dawn: Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Just Down The Road
The city was a maze of houses and roads. Encircled by a huge grey wall that dwarfed even the tallest buildings, it was a safe haven for most of its people from the violence and unpredictability of the outside world. It was said that a man could live in the city without ever having to see the other side of the city walls.
King Julien didn’t think so, watching the morning activity from the top of a spire in the middle of the city. A man could be able to live his entire life in the city, but he doubted one would ever want to do so. Chilling winds brushed against the furs that he was wearing and tugged at his greying hair, threatening to blow his crown off.
Julien didn’t care.
Since becoming King, he had always found the tallest spire of the royal forts to provide a quiet place to think. A sanctuary within a sanctuary, he had thought. Originally built to survey the city’s surrounding for invaders, the tower allowed for a three hundred and sixty
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After the fight
I stare at the red on the mirror,
a violent splash of carnage.
Her broken heart still pulsing on the glass.
Electric lights blast on,
harsh blinding oppression pressing down,
push me roughly to surrender.
I am interrogated,
burning questions repeated and force fed.
Doubting myself again and again and again and again.
Thrown naked into a darkened corner of my mind,
I remember what she did that tore us apart,
and how I was flung into a hurricane of emotion.
But I still wish I could forgive what she did,
and forget the stinging words I said,
And so with hope -
I stare at the red on the mirror,
at her apology written in lipstick,
our broken hearts still pulsing on the glass.
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Why is it-
Why is it men are deaf
even to the crying laments
of calls long extinct
The songs of silenced birds
lost long ago
Why is it men are mute
to speak when it is right
uttering the truth
of false prophets
No longer who they should be
Why is it men are blind
ignoring the sorrow of others
wasting their inheritance
Dooming themselves
to a fate unknown
Why is it
that when an old lady falls to the ground
blood spilled
another life lost in a crimson blossom
of war and hate
Men walk away?
:iconfatalcrash:Fatalcrash 1 4
Bus ride
stop - jerk to halt
leaving the akward bus stop
I enter
cool metal air hazed with
warm and sticky smell
bus go
pulling away
ignoring the latecomer
hand stretched out and yelling
face red
scramble to seat
dodge glances
head ducks down
stare at the peeling leather chair
silence ensues
the bus's roar grows
intermittant stops as some leave
and walk away expressionless
multicoloured blaze outside
eyelids grow heavy
doze off
wake up seconds early
jerk halt again
Get on my feet, and hoof it home.
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Children of the sky
We are the ones who live in fantasy
Who see silver fish swim the sea above
hear the thunder wave and crash
on the dark crags of cloud
that hang grey and cold
Who fill with mystery as we stare beyond
and wonder and think of what lies in the Deep
for We are the ones who live in fantasy
And at night, we lie back and
stare - gazing at the sated waters
dotted with what we thought were fireflies
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Cancer Nine by Fatalcrash Cancer Nine :iconfatalcrash:Fatalcrash 0 3 Tribal scar tattoo by Fatalcrash Tribal scar tattoo :iconfatalcrash:Fatalcrash 0 2
Shifter's Dawn: Chapter 1
Chapter One: Awakening
The light was quickly fading in the horizon as the young man opened his eyes. Black hair fringed his striking brown eyes, which darted about at the expense of forest that grew serenely around him. Tall redwood trees stretched upwards like giants, each supporting its own little ecosystem of plants and animals. Small squirrels scampered up and down the ancient bark, busy with their final tasks as their day drew to a close. The shadow of an owl passing overhead sent them back into their nests.
Above him, the faint outline of the moon was starting to appear, framed by the leafy canopy. A cold breeze passed through the trees, rustling the leaves and causing the young man to shiver. He sat up and examined himself slowly.
“Who am I?” murmured the young man into the forest.
He looked around himself, hoping to find something that might answer him, but all he found were fallen leaves and crushed pinecones. He saw that he was wearing a suit of armour, complete wit
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B K.
Current Residence: Singapore
Favourite genre of music: Alternative rock, but also anything that I happen to like the sound of. (See above)
Operating System: Windows XP.
MP3 player of choice: Not the IPOD.
Skin of choice: ENGAGE.
Favourite cartoon character: Balto and Littlefoot made me cry. If that counts. Why can't I just give one word answers?
Personal Quote: Random curses that happen to present themselves to me at the time.
  • Listening to: Everything by Explosions In The Sky
  • Reading: Designated Targets by John Birmingham
  • Watching: Battlestar Galactica Season 2!
  • Playing: I want my Left 4 Dead...
  • Eating: Famous Amos/Subway cookies.
  • Drinking: Imaginary vodka that was promised to me by someone
Instuctions: Remove one question and replace it with your own.
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1. What do you hear now?
My girlfriend on the phone with me.

2. What do you want the most now?:
I want more time to do the things I enjoy.

3. If there was one thing- just one thing in the world that you could have, what would it be?:
Better relations with people around me.

4. Do you hate your friends sometimes?:
Yup. Hate them all the time. Mark of a good friend is someone you hate but can't bear to leave.

5. Where do you think will be the place where you wanna be last seen?:
In a sex shop when I'm buying stuff with her.

6. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?:
Technically, rainbows do tend to appear after rain. I don't know why I need to believe anything.

7. What impossible things you would wish to do?:
I would live in a fictional world.

8. What are your greatest phobias?:
Ah, geez, there are so many. Losing her, getting injured, bugs, fruits, heights, vegetables, being forced to eat any of the above when going for dinner at her house... to name just a few.

9. Have you broken someone's heart that he/she tried to commit suicide?:
Not yet, and I pray it never happens.

10. What if your crush asked you out?:
Pfft. She has.

11. Do you think the English in this tag is atrocious?
Why, as a matter of fact, yes. (Relax, I'm only kidding. Hlaf-kidding, that is.)

12. What feeling do you hate the most?:
Being criticized. Which is bad, because I keep asking to be criticized.

13. Do you cherish every single friendship of yours?:
Yes. Friendships are both an investment and resource.

14. What are you looking forward to in the coming weeks?:
Making ou- Uh. More time with her?

15. Who do you hope to be always there for you?:
Well DUH. Try to guess.

16. List words that describe you?:
Lazy, chubby, boring, pessimistic, cynical, impulsive, direct, meticulous, stubborn, sideburned, gamer, emo, writer-in-training

17. What do you want to be in future?
Published short fiction/novel writer.

18. When do you plan to settle down?:
I am settled down. My problem is everyone keeps trying to stir things up again.

19. What will you be if given a chance?
Married? Not a virgin? OH! OH! A writer!

20. 8 tagged people:
You. You who have read this.


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